The PHN Model

Physicians Hearing Network (PHN) partners with physicians to provide specialized audiology and hearing aid services inside qualified practices across the U.S. PHN’s model delivers convenient hearing testing and hearing aid services to patients through their physicians. We are the largest, fastest-growing provider for hearing services exclusive to physicians.

By partnering with PHN, you contribute to your patients’ health and overall wellness, preventing serious conditions, and extending their ability to live a longer, quality lifestyle.


PHN’s mission is to educate patients and the medical community about the consequences of untreated hearing loss and the available treatment options for patients with all levels of hearing loss.

Our Hearing Service Providers gain a clear understanding of the hearing problems your patients face. They will share the test results with you so that you can provide your patients with the appropriate hearing care options.

Our goal is to work with doctors and their patients to help them get the best care from audiology health care services and ensure patients get back to living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Accordingly, patients benefit from our turnkey hearing health care solution through convenience, high-quality and compassionate medical care.

PHN provides the most complete hearing evaluation within its practices, and is the only physicians-exclusive audiology consulting and management company, and at no cost to your practice.

The PHN Network wants to bring hearing services to where it should be, inside physician practices.


We are a team of highly skilled hearing service providers committed to excellence in hearing care services.


We provide the most comprehensive hearing evaluation right inside your practice.


Your patients benefit from our turnkey solution through convenience, high quality, and compassionate care.

Practice Benefits

No expense to the practice

Seamless integration, without disruption to the practice

Higher patient retention: PHN enables physicians to provide their patients additional professional health services at no additional cost

Turnkey hearing health care solution to patients: convenience, quality care, solution options

Patient referrals resulting from increased patient satisfaction

Ancillary income through its relationship with PHN

Patient Benefits

One-stop (in-clinic) convenient location for complete hearing health care needs

Reduce patient’s overall cost of care

Increase patient care and higher patient satisfaction: patients know they’re in good hands with their trusted physicians to provide high quality and compassionate health care

Improve overall quality of life through early detection and treatment of hearing loss

An integrated approach to caring and compassionate care: an extension of your practice delivering the personalized health services patients are accustomed to receiving

If you have any question or would like to learn more about our process, contact us to see how your practice and patient can benefit from our hearing services program.