Spectrum Difference

Audiology consulting & management company exclusive to the ENT community

Industry-licensed senior management team

Proprietary software designed exclusively for ENT practices

Industry leader in KPIs

Buying group pricing on hearing aids

Specialized business model

Multidisciplinary approach

96% successful recruitment rate

Addressing Your Pain Points:

Physicians Hearing Network understands the unique challenges faced by ENT owners like you and is here to offer comprehensive solutions that will revitalize your practice’s audiology and hearing aid opportunities in 2024.

Do any or all of these pain points sound familiar?

PROFITABILITY CONCERNS: If your current audiology and hearing aid business is not as profitable as you’d like, we can implement strategies to enhance financial performance.


REVENUE SHRINKAGE: Experiencing a decline in hearing aid revenues? We specialize in turning things around swiftly to maximize profitability.


TIME CONSTRAINTS: Don’t have the time to work on solutions? Physicians Hearing Network allows you to focus on patient care while we handle the intricacies of audiology and hearing aid management.


NAVIGATING THIRD PARTY OPPORTUNITIES: Concerned about losing patients to TPA/HBM or Medicare Advantage plans? Our services are designed to enhance patient retention and satisfaction.


HIRING CHALLENGES: Need assistance in hiring the right audiologist? We offer recruiting services to ensure you have the right team in place.

We Offer Two Simple Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

ENT Buying Group Benefits  & Consulting Services


  • Competitive pricing on hearing aids
  • Complimentary P&L audit, review and recommendations
  • Recruiting Services
  • Zero cost to practice

PHN Turn-key Solution


  • Practice pays a set hourly rate for PHN’s audiologist to perform billable services
  • Practice owns 100% of billable revenue
  • PHN rents your audiology suite for hearing aid-related activity which offsets the cost of the audiologist
  • PHN owns and manages the hearing aid business

Our ENT division is managed by licensed hearing healthcare providers. Your audiologist will appreciate that we don’t assign manufacturer-employed, non-industry, managers to drive sales.

For more information and a complimentary proposal on how we can provide value to your practice, contact us today.

Thank you for considering the Physicians Hearing Network. We look forward to the opportunity of working together to grow your practice.