PHN Benefits

PHN’s hearing services program offers several benefits to your practice including added ancillary income (compliant with applicable laws) with no disruption to your practice. Your patients also benefit because your practice can now provide hearing care options as a continuation of the care and services, they are accustomed to receiving in your care. Additionally, PHN’s hearing services will provide patients a reduction in their overall cost of medical care.


Patient Benefits

One-stop (in-clinic) convenient location for complete hearing health care needs

Reduce patient’s overall cost of care

Increase patient care and higher patient satisfaction: patients know they’re in good hands with their trusted physicians to provide high quality and compassionate health care

Improve overall quality of life through early detection and treatment of hearing loss

An integrated approach to caring and compassionate care: an extension of your practice delivering the personalized health services patients are accustomed to receiving

Practice Benefits

No expense to the practice

Seamless integration, without disruption to the practice

Higher patient retention: PHN enables physicians to provide their patients additional professional health services at no additional cost

Turnkey hearing health care solution to patients: convenience, quality care, solution options

Patient referrals resulting from increased patient satisfaction

Ancillary income through its relationship with PHN