Physician FAQs

What can my patients expect?

PHN Hearing Service Providers offer the following services to your patients:

Conduct hearing test

Review hearing test results with the patient

Provide physician with test results

When appropriate, recommend a treatment plan for the patient

Who should be scheduled for a hearing test?

Every patient in the practice would be considered for a baseline audiogram.

Do my patients get charged for the hearing test and consultation?

No, the hearing test and consultation are free of charge. We do not charge the patient or bill the patient’s insurance.

How long will the hearing test take?

The test should not take longer than 30 minutes. Should the patient have hearing loss, the Hearing Service Provider will offer a consultation and the appropriate treatment plan.

What is the cost of hearing aids?

PHN offers hearing aids starting at multiple price points depending on the level of technology. There is a wide range of technologies available to fit the patient’s individual needs and budget.

Some of the hearing aid technologies available include:

Rechargeable battery

Smartphone compatibility

TV and Bluetooth connectivity

Excellent sound quality

Music and media streaming

Faster, high-performance platform

Full remote fine-tuning solution


During the consultation, PHN will verify if the patient’s insurance plan provides hearing aid benefits.

How soon can my patients expect to receive their new hearing aids?

For the most part, patients are fit with a hearing aid within a week.

Do I need to have a sound booth?

No, testing equipment provided by PHN meets ANSI requirements for testing outside of an enclosed booth.