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Physicians Hearing Network - San Antonio

At Physicians Hearing Network (PHN), we believe Hearing is Healthcare. Conveniently located in San Antonio, TX we provide a healthcare approach where patients receive professional personalized care. Our local hearing specialists are committed to delivering the highest standard of care, using the latest hearing testing techniques and hearing aid technologies to help you achieve optimal outcomes to live a better life.


Comprehensive Hearing Services

We offer a full range of hearing services to diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss and related conditions:

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Discover the latest in hearing aid technology at Physicians Hearing Network. We offer a variety of hearing aids designed for comfort and performance:

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Physicians Hearing Network (PHN) is your trusted ally in the journey towards better hearing. Across the country, doctors rely on our expertise and dedication to provide their patients with comprehensive hearing healthcare solutions inside their practice. Our reputation for excellence has made us a go-to resource for healthcare professionals nationwide integrating hearing healthcare into primary care settings, where patients can conveniently access our services alongside their routine medical appointments. By offering services within primary care practices, we ensure that hearing healthcare remains a central component of overall wellness.

If you have not had your annual hearing screening, you can schedule a complimentary hearing exam at PHN.

Whether visiting one of our regional centers or receiving care with a Physicians Hearing Network provider inside a primary care setting, you can trust PHN to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and convenient hearing healthcare services.